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Business co-operation

As a company co-operating with Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, you can get access to theoretical knowledge supporting your practical knowledge. You may get access to our unique experimental facilities and advanced technology, non-existent elsewhere. You can co-operate with researchers who, besides being scientific capacities within their field, are skilled project leaders, thoroughly understand the problems in farmed animal production and have a great experience in co-operating with companies.

Business co-operation can be done in many ways, varying from student projects to purchase of services for common development and innovation projects. You can read more about our business co-operation here.

If you have an idea or a question for which you would like help, please do not hesitate to contact fundraiser Eva Søndergaard.

Read about our research facilities.

Read more about sector collaboration.

Read also the leaflet: INDUSTRIAL RESEARCHER - a close collaboration between company and university.


Eva Søndergaard

Fundraiser Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences - ANIVET Secretariat