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Management and Modelling

What We Do

We develop methods and tools for herd management to promote animal welfare, green transition, and economic viability for a sustainable future.

We integrate, develop and disseminate knowledge of farm animal management and relationships between actors and animals. We improve communication within the farm animal sector and between the sector and society 

Our primary focus areas

  • Reduced use of antimicrobials in animals
  • Management and assessment of animal welfare
  • Biosecurity in animal farming
  • Economic analysis of farm animal management
  • Herd management for a green transition
  • Modelling and monitoring in animal farming
  • Epidemiological analyses of management effects on farm animal health 
  • Technical solutions to herd management and digitalization of farm animal production
  • Management of production diseases in farm animals
  • Qualitative investigations of relationships between actors and between actors and farm animals

Focus areas due to inclusion of a veterinary science education

  • Human and social scientific studies of the roles of veterinarians
  • Studies on the concept of inspection of animal health and welfare

Head of research unit

Jan Tind Sørensen

Professor - Section manager Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences - ANIVET Management and Modelling (MAMO)