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Organic animal science platform

The Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences has in 2012 taken a new facility into use, giving scientists better facilities for carrying out research having focus on organic farming and livestock.

The reason behind the construction of the building is the growth in the market for organic products and products having focus on animal health and welfare. To meet this growing demand for organic products, there is a strong need for generating new knowledge about their production.

The building will also be used for research on horses, including behavioral studies and the development of an organic equine husbandry.

The building measures 1600 m2 and connected 43 hectares of organic cropland.

The building and connected land is part of an overall organic platform at AU Viborg - Research Centre Foulum, which covers 170 hectares. These area will be used for the growing of organic crops and for the development of new agricultural field machinery.