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The objective of the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences is to carry out basic, strategic and applied research in issues relating to the nutrition, health and welfare of livestock, companion animals and humans.

The Department consists of five research units, several theme groups, extensive experimental and laboratory facilities and a secretariat. About 200 people are employed at the Department – half of which are academic staff. The Department has extensive experimental facilities and a large number of staff to undertake the care of animals and experimental activities.

The staff have expertise in disciplines such as cell biology, physiology (digestion, reproduction, growth, lactation, stress, organ and production physiology), applied analytical chemistry and biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology, reproductive biology and technology, embryology, immunology, biomarkers in clinical chemistry and biomodelling, pathobiology, pain biology, ethology, veterinary epidemiology, herd diagnostics, production management and animal health economics. To this may be added the skills required for carrying out the research work at the experimental facilities.

The Department contributes significantly to the BSc programme in Agriculture, Food and Environment, the MSc programme in Agrobiology, the Erasmus Mundus Master in Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding and the Euro-league Master programme in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems.