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The Nordic ISAE symposium 2016 will be held at Vingsted Hotel and Conference Center near Vejle in Denmark. The full address is:

Vingsted - Hotel and Conference Center
Vingsted Skovvej 2
7182 Bredsten

For more information about the venue, please visit the website www.Vingsted.dk. If you have specific questions for the venue, you can send an e-mail to info@vingsted.dk

Details on transport, air/rail/busses:
From the four airports in Jutland, the distance to the course site is
Billund (BLL) airport: 21 km
Karup (KRP) airport: 86 km
Aarhus (AAR) airport: 126 km
Ålborg (AAL) airport: 200 km
Vejle Train station: 12 km

To get from the airport to the course site, the easiest will be to take a taxi (approx. 420 DKK). For train schedule, please see www.rejseplanen.dk