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Cattle barns

Research facilities at Danish Cattle Research Centre (DKC)

DKC comprises the following research facilities:

  • 240 dairy cows (Holstein) plus calves
  • Production-like barns, in which the cows can be separated into eight groups of 12 cows and two groups of 70 cows.
  • Milking barn with 2x12 "side by side"and mechanical room in the basement
  • Protective barn facilities for cows around calving
  • Computerized feeding troughs
  • Automatic and intensive registrations of basic data for all animals for e.g.:
    • Feed intake and feeding behaviour
    • Milk yield and milk properties
    • Cow weight, activity and behaviour 
  • Intensive barn with four climate chambers and 20 single house units for fistulated and multi-catheterized cows used in intensive studies  
  • Flexible barn with dynamic and flexible facilities for studies of new barn and housing systems

The new intensive barns and flexible barn