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1. Climate, Environment and Animal-derived food

Our mission

Consumers are increasingly concerned about climate impacts of food production, animal well-being and healthy nutrition for animals and humans. International organizations are concerned with increased global demands for animal-derived foods and the anticipated increased populations of livestock in non-EU regions of the world.

The perspective of our theme group is to develop solutions to provide well-balanced diets for optimized production of safe foods from healthy animals in climate and environmentally friendly livestock production systems.

This requires development of new instruments to reduce emissions, and socio-economic analyses of farm level solutions to optimize and prioritize resources at farm, sector and society level – both at a national scale but also implementable at the international scale.

Theme group coordinators

Martin Riis Weisbjerg

Professor Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab - ANIVET Kvægernæring (RUN)

Søren Østergaard

Professor Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab - ANIVET Management og Modellering (MAMO)