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3. One Welfare

Our mission

  • OneWelfare deals with the connection between animal and human welfare, and the surrounding environment (biodiversity, climate impact, etc.

  • OneWelfare has a broad view on evaluation of, understanding of, and solutions to major societal challenges - locally and globally

  • OneWelfare includes several of the UN sustainable development goals; e.g., ‘good health and well-being’, ”zero hunger’, ‘decent work and economic growth’, and ‘climate action’

  • Animal welfare is a central element in OneWelfare, but it cannot stand alone. To achieve the goals, projects within OneWelfare could also include disciplines like nutrition, anthropology, veterinary science, sociology, environmental biology, ethology, and legal science. 

Theme group coordinators

Peter T. Thomsen

Professor Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab - ANIVET Management og Modellering (MAMO)

Mette S. Herskin

Professor Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab - ANIVET Adfærd, Stress og Dyrevelfærd (BSW)