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4. One Health

Our mission

The One Health approach recognizes that the health of people and of animals, and our shared environment are interconnected.

Antimicrobial resistance, zoonotic diseases, and food safety and security are central aspects of the One Health approach.

However, research in the areas of human-, animal-, and environmental science are largely conducted independently, and obvious connections and synergies may be missed.

The scope of this theme group is to promote research within aspects of One Health with the perspective of animal health, and exploit and stimulate new possibilities for cooperation within this framework.

Theme group coordinators

Nuria Canibe

Seniorforsker Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab - ANIVET Sundhed for tarm og vært (GHH)

Mogens Agerbo Krogh

Lektor Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab - ANIVET Management og Modellering (MAMO)