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5. Digital transformation

Our mission

Digital, data-driven technologies, processes, and models are essential components of innovative and sustainable agrifood systems, providing broad societal benefits and transparency.

The digital transformation of animal science and production is necessary if the sector is to meet the aspirations of the European Green Deal and contribute solutions to the societal challenges of food security, sustainability, and a knowledge-driven bioeconomy.

We develop new and innovative digital approaches and technologies that drive knowledge creation, transforming fundamental and applied research in animal nutrition, health, and welfare.

We use this knowledge to develop tools that enable end users to better monitor, assess, and optimize the health and welfare of all animals, and the productivity of livestock.

Theme group coordinators

Gavin Simpson

Adjunkt Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab - ANIVET Management og Modellering (MAMO)

Mona Lilian Vestbjerg Larsen

Adjunkt Institut for Husdyr- og Veterinærvidenskab - ANIVET Adfærd, Stress og Dyrevelfærd (BSW)