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ANIS researchers marked book publications

Researchers from the section Behaviour and stressbiology in Department of Animal Science have extended their writings by participating as co-authors and editors of five books.

At an informal reception in Department of Animal Science on 23 May 2018, the researchers celebrated the publication of the five books. From left to right: Janne W. Christensen, Jens Malmkvist, Lene Juul Pedersen, Mette Herskin, Margit Bak Jensen and Karen Thodberg.

The six authors from the section Behaviour and stressbiology draw on their knowledge in the field of animal behavior and welfare.

Margit Bak Jensen writes about "The role of social behavior in cattle welfare" in the book "Advances in Cattle Welfare". In the book, a number of leading researchers go through the latest research results of the understanding of cattle welfare and welfare assessment. The book goes through production systems and welfare problems for both dairy and beef cattle. It covers the importance of access to pasture and social contact as well as the impact of animal-human interactions, painful procedures and production diseases in relation to the welfare of cattle.

Two authors contribute chapters to the book "Advances in Pig Welfare". Mette Herskin contributes the chapters "Pain in pigs: Characterisation, mechanisms and indicators" and "Pigs as laboratory animals", while Lene Juul Pedersen's chapter is called "Overview of commercial pig production systems and their main welfare challenges". The book goes through the main challenges in relation to welfare in modern pig barns and offers a thorough review of the latest research on important focus areas in relation to improvement of pig welfare.

Karen Thodberg has contributed to a chapter entitled "Dyreatferd og dyrevelferd hos terapidyr" in the book "Antrozoologi" which is concerned with the interaction between animal and human. The book represents the breadth of the topics antrozoologi and animal-assisted interventions and deals in depth with e.g. research on the possible curative effects of animals, animal-assisted interventions and welfare of therapy animals, which is an increasing research field.

Janne W. Christensen has contributed to a revised edition of the popular book, "Equitation Science", which originally was written by the two leading researchers of horse training. The book is a textbook in the rapidly emerging field of equitation science. The new edition of the book features an updated review of research in the field, learning theory with many hands-on examples and a new chapter on research methods. The book focuses on the welfare of the horse and rider safety and addresses all types of riders, horse trainers, students and researchers interested in horse training.

In the book "The Ethology of Domestic Animals", Jens Malmkvist contributes the chapter "Behavior of foxes and mink kept for fur production". This classic textbook has been published in a newly revised edition and provides a concise introduction to the important fundamentals of animal behaviour from genetics, physiology, motivation, learning and cognition, through to social and reproductive behaviour, abnormal behaviour and human-animal interactions.