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Department of Animal Science offers a PhD course on Interpretation of animal stress responses

The PhD course provides a solid background of the theory and research in stress biology via lecture by leading researchers within the field.

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The course takes places in Vejle from 26 - 30 November 2018.

Registration opens 15 June 2018, and deadline is for registration is 15 September 2018. 


Target group of the course is mainly PhD students and researchers within biological sciences, veterinary, agricultural and biomedical science working with animals, including animal models, animal experimentation, in zoos and animal parks, and with scientific questions related to stress biology.


Key lectures will be:

  • Prof. Wolfgang Goymann, Max Planck Inst. for Ornithol., Seewiesen, Germany: Stress in the wild: Models, ecology and fitness
  • Prof. Norbert Sachser, Dept. Behavioural Biology, University of Münster, Germany: The social environment, behaviour and stress
  • Prof. Alistair Lawrence, Animal & Veterinary Sciences, SRUC, Edinburgh, Scotland: Stress in productive farm animals using the pig as the focus – thriving is more than surviving


Registration and further information  ->>