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Poultry scientist from the Department of Animal Science re-appointed member of the Board of the Poultry Tax Foundation

As per November 1, senior scientist Sanna Steenfeldt from the Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University has been re-appointed member of the Board of the Poultry Tax Foundation.

Upon recommendation from the Danish Council for Independent Research, the Consumers’ Advisory Council Tænk, and the labour movement’s board of trade, the Danish minister of Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, has, as per November 1, re-appointed senior scientist Sanna Steenfeldt, the Department of Animal Science member of the Board of the Poultry Tax Foundation for a period of four years.

Sanna originally graduated as a biologist and later took a PhD. Since 1989 she has worked as a scientist and today Sanna is employed as a senior scientist at the Department of Animal Science, Section for Animal Nutrition and Physiology. Here the research effort focuses on the nutrition and physiology of monogastrics, primarily poultry, including the effect of the digestibility of nutrients and the content and chemical composition of the feed on the nutritional and physiological parameters. The research further comprises experiments on the use of alternative feedstuffs (among others roughage, protein sources) in the organic production of eggs and broilers and their effect on digestibility, production parameters and welfare. Finally, Sanna is involved in teaching and the education of bachelor and master students.

About the Poultry Tax Foundation
The Poultry Tax Foundation is administered by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and has as its aim to strengthen the development and competitiveness of the poultry industry and can provide support to sales promotion, research and studies, product development, counselling, education, disease prevention, disease control, animal welfare and control. The funds of the Poultry Tax Foundation originate from a so-called production levy claimed by the Foundation for all eggs and poultry produced in Denmark. Further, every year the Foundation applies for subsidies from the Pro Mille Tax Foundation for Agriculture.


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