Aarhus Universitets segl

Key lectures and literature

Organizers and Lecturers

Ole Højberg, Senior Researcher, Dept. Animal and Veterinary Sciences (ANIVET), AU Viborg

e-mail: ole.hojberg@anivet.au.dk

Tina Dalgaard Sørensen, Associate Professor, ANIVET, AU Viborg

e-mail: tina.dalgaard@anivet.au.dk

Charlotte Lauridsen, Professor and Head of ANIVET, AU Viborg

e-mail: charlotte.lauridsen@anivet.au.dk

External key lecturer list (preliminary)

Prof. Mick Bailey, University of Bristol, UK

Prof. Thomas Thymann, University of Copenhagen, DK

Dr. Jordi Estelle, INRAE, Jouy-en-Josas, France







Original literature in the form of primary and review papers from international journals and textbooks. A literature list will be made available well in advance of the course.