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Ph.d.-kursus: Animal Pain

Aarhus Universitet og Københavns Universitet udbyder PhD-kurset: Animal Pain med det formål at give de studerende et overblik over, hvad begrebet smerter hos dyr omfatter ud fra et biologisk perspektiv. Tilmeldingsfrist er den 1. december 2017.

Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen offer a residential PhD course on Animal Pain in March 2018. Photo by Pierpaolo Di Giminiani, University of Newcastle

The ph.d.-course "Animal Pain" is scheduled to take place from 5 - 9 March 2018. The course is organized by Mette S. Herskin and Björn Forkman from Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen respectively. The aim of the course is to give PhD students an overview of the concept of animal pain from a biological perspective. 

The course is based on presentations and lectures by internationally recognized pain researchers and practitioners combined with participants presenting relevant parts of their PhD projects. The course involves a combination of group work (discussions of classic aspects of pain biology and its interpretation) and plenary discussions. The three invited speakers are:

1) Professor Craig B. Johnson, Massey University, New Zealand: What is pain and who feels it - from fetus to the end of life?

2)  Professor Robert Elwood, Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom: Comparative aspects of animal pain - how can we detect it?

3) Associate Professor Klas Abelson, University of Copenhagen, Denmark: The use of animal models to develop pain-relieving drugs

PhD students have first priority, but non-students are also welcomed. The course will be held near Copenhagen, Denmark. Deadline for registration is December 1st 2017.

See course details and information about registration at: http://projects.au.dk/animal-pain/